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 Recruiting BD

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PostSubject: Recruiting BD   Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:39 pm

Info about us: We are tank party,full suported (including Warlord for exp)
We need ACTIVE BladeDancer,with comunity spirit,with knowing skills at pvp.

In order to post an aply, i would like to add few question's to the main aply formular:

1. Nick, Class, lvl, equipment.

2. Name, age, from, time zone, contacts (skype, ICQ, email)

3. How long playing L2?

4. What clans you played with nicks you have used

5. Friends in clan

6. Are you ready to listen all orders of your party leader or you wanna to create your own party?

7. Do you speak English?

8. Do you understand that going to const party means account sharing?

9. Why you want join RB?

10. what computer you have? you think it can handle mass pvp?
11. Your internet provider allow you good playing at mass pvp?

12. What clan(s) have you been in, before posting this.
If you are currently a member of any clan please explain:
-which clan and why do you want to leave
-why did you leave your previous clan(s)

12. What do you except from RussianBears?

13. Have you applied to join other clans on Arion before applying to RussianBears

14. Can you stay calm at pvp?

15. What time of day you play ? your GMT ?

16. How can u be useful to clan?

17. Your target on Arion?

18. Do you have Premium account?
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Recruiting BD
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