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 For PRO Clan

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PostSubject: For PRO Clan   Sat Apr 10, 2010 2:10 pm

L2Rox Network

Hello everyone!

We have almost completed the L2Rox project. Our server is not located in Poland anymore. Nowadays we use server which is located in Germany in a commercial company Hetzner . As far as materials and diagrams are concerned, I will prepare them later. On average, the server and LAN works three times faster than it used to work! So far we have changed our software into L2DC software on 13th March 2010. What will this bring to you? - A more stable server(less lag, items/exp losses) - Less crashes - Many more skills - Much more retail skills - Retail character, items and monster stats - Much more features/raidbosses/areas It is significant to note that thanks to this amazing software we were able to minimize lags and all the problems connected with the software. What will this bring to you? We are still improving our server, but we are sure that it will not disturb players. Moreover, we do our utmost to give you more satisfaction of playing Lineage II on L2Rox. What is more, we created SVN Track L2Rox which was done for all the players interested in what we do. Here you can write reports connected with all the problems you noticed while playing the game and we will do our best to eliminate them within 48 hours. For more information connected with this Track you have to visit our forum.

Chronicle Gracia Epilogue

Rates: 10x 10x 12x

Everyday Updates

HelpFull GM's

High Uptime (4 days)

Subclass without Quest

Noblesse Quest

Delever NPC

Dual Box allowed

Global GK


Team vs Team Event

Death Match Event

Captur The Flag Event

Retail Events

LineageII Gracia Epilogue Chronicle!!!

Follow the following steps and you will be able to connect to the server L2Rox

1. Our autoupdater will help you update your game -> Download .
(Save target as" if the link doesnt work!)

Have fun and see you ingame!!!


The server is on a stable, dedicated server. Permitting a large number of reservations without the occurrence of lag.

Here are the specifications of the machine:

L2Rox Hardware:

* Our Server is located in the Germany

* Intel®️ Core™️ i7-920 Quadcore incl. Hyper-Threading Technology

* 24 GB DDR3 RAM

* Hard discs 2 x 1500 GB SATA-II HDD (Software-RAID 1)

* 1Gbit Uplink Public Connection

* Debian 5 (64 bit)

* Cisco Hardware Firewall

Lokacja: Germany

An additional important aspect of positively affecting the operation of the server

possession of a machine satisfying the second part Serwera Testowego.

This allows us to test all the amendments before they are put

to live longer on the main server. Restart the server only to introduce a greater number of amendments, or in an emergency.

Here is a group of people entering in the composition of the team creating the server and their functions:

- Admins:

Next -> Server Owner

Colin -> Server Admin

- Development:

Evilus - > Core & DataPack Development

- AdroitPartner:


Number Online - evening:930 i rośnie

Amendments are introduced every day and fixes

Developed economy

Server is currently running at the following Events:

Squish Your Squash Event

Trick or Transmutation

Deck the Hall

Team vs Team

In the near future will be added following:

Death Match

Captur the Flag

Town War Event

Zoombie Event

Rush Event

Each day so that we can provide masses of fun for all.

- Number of Registered Accounts: 11.342

- Characters are created: 13.789

- Record Online: 1458 (02.02.10)

- Typical Online: 1120

- Number of Clan: 245

If you think that the server is noteworthy that, please cast votes daily!

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PostSubject: Re: For PRO Clan   Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:44 pm

LOL - WTF is that?
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For PRO Clan
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