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 Gathering to all big events - RBs/Mass PVP/etc.

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Anthy's Child =P
Anthy's Child =P

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PostSubject: Gathering to all big events - RBs/Mass PVP/etc.   Mon Apr 12, 2010 12:59 pm

After yesterday trash talks on VT i thought that i will write what i think about it.

First of all - Kain is CL - you don`t like it - then leave clan or accept it.

Now about gathering - we have const parties - so - All PL have to gather their PT ASAP, - and when they gather their party and there will be free place/places - then - Write on clan chat what you miss - first reply = invite him/her.

It can`t be that one person organize whole parties - i`m not saying that PL didn`t do what they has to - but it`s only as a information to those who didn`t do it or knew it.

This operation should take less than 5-6 minutes - we have to practice it Smile Smile Smile.

Next on VT is a f@cking mess - on this kind of events - CL and Vcl only speak - rest speak when they will be questioned - we can write on clan chat or party chat - in this case we will avoid talking mess.

NExt thing - when we are on spot - don`t rush before CL/Vcl will tell it - or CC leader ( ally CL for example ). We are clan not bunch of randoms !!!! We do all for all of us not for only one/two/three guys !!!!.

If you dont like the way CL is leading clan - don`t blame, don`t cry, don`t use trash talk on VT - say what can be improved and how - say it personally to CL/Vcl - not everybody have to hear it !!! It`s like you were wroking in a hughe company with 20 ppl in the same room, and your boss coming to you and he flame you without any problems in this room - how will you feel when rest of room ( 19 ppl ) will hear it - and how they will feal hearing this flame from boss to You.

Before you start to flame - think twice !!! It won`t change anything - it will make only bad atmosphere, etc.

I think that`s all for now Smile

PS. I think my post is objective.

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Gathering to all big events - RBs/Mass PVP/etc.
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