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PostSubject: Application   Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:45 pm

1. Nick, Class, lvl, equipment. Betsy, sps, 73 lvl, DC set, wizard's tear, maj jewelery

2. Name, age, from, time zone, contacts (skype, ICQ, email) Milena, 25 y, Bulgaria, GMT+2, skype: mileni4ka

3. How long playing L2? 2 years

4. What clans you played with nicks you have used I was in a little clan with some friends but most of them stopped playing L2 and i left. Clan was Power Rangers

5. Friends in clan I think i don't know somebody from this clan

6. Are you ready to listen all orders of your party leader or you wanna to create your own party? listen orders (i hate to be pl)

7. Do you speak English? yes

8. Do you understand that going to const party means account sharing? yes

9. Why you want join RB? coz i need clan (bored to farm alone) and saw in forum RB recruit nukers before 3rd class so decided to try Smile

10. what computer you have? you think it can handle mass pvp? dunno exactly comp's parameters but I think it's good enough for mass pvp
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